About Bergen Open

(Dates of Interest) (Techical Meeting) (Events and Series) (Entry Fee) (Diving Sheets) (Food) (AdO arena) (Bergen Diving Club) (The City of Bergen)
Dates of interest:
Preliminary Entry & Accomodation form - January 31st
Final Entry - March 03th
Transportation-form and room-list - March 03th
Payment - March 20th
Practice start - April 05
Competiton start - April 06th
Banquet dinner - April 08th
Competition end - April 09th

Technical Meeting:
Wednesday the 05th of April at 20:00-21:00

Events and Series:

Senior group (FINA’s rules D 3)
: All heights - Five (5) dives from different groups, without limit of degree of difficulty.
Men: 1m and 3m – Six (6) dives from 5 different groups, without limit of degree of difficulty.
Platform – Six (6) dives from 6 different groups, without limit of degree of difficulty.

: Born 1999 or later:
1m and 3m
: FINA’s A-series DAG 3.1
(Girls 5+4 dives & Boys 5+5 dives)

: FINA’s A-series DAG 3.1
(Girls 4+4 dives & Boys 4+5 dives)

: Born 2002 or later:
1m and 3m
: FINA’s B-series DAG 3.2
(Girls 5+3 dives & Boys 5+4 dives)

: FINA’s B-series DAG 3.2
(Girls 4+3 dives & Boys 4+4 dives)

: Born 2004
1m and 3m
: FINA’s C-series DAG 3.3
(Girls 5+2 dives & Boys 5+3 dives)

: FINA’s C-series DAG 3.3
(Girls 4+2 dives & Boys 4+3 dives)

Synchronized event
: Open competition
FINA’s Synchronized Diving Rules D 3.7

3m: 2+4 dives
3m: 2+3 dives
Men 10m: 2+4 dives

10m: 2+4 dives
FINA’s Mixed Synchronized Rules D 3.9

3m: 2+3 dives
10m: 2+3 dives

Synchronized event
: Junior competition
FINA’s Synchronized Diving Rules DAG 3.1 (we allow AG-C divers in this event)

3m: 2+3 dives
3m: 2+3 dives
Platform: 2+3 dives
Girls Platform: 2+3 dives

Entry Fee:

The entry fee is 175 NOK per start for the individual events, and 250 NOK per pair for the synchronized event.

Late entries: Entries arriving after March 03 will be charged 350 NOK per start for the individual events, and 500 NOK per pair for the synchronized event.

Diving Sheets:

Have to be in our custody 7:00 P.M. the day before the actual event.
Changes can be made up to one hour before the event starts.

It is possible to enter the diving sheets in a special box that will be set up in the Diving-Pool. It is also possible to send in the diving-sheets by e-mail.

Bergen Open will run the DiveCalc program. You will be able to enter the divesheets online.

Accomodation, food and social meet:
For those who arrange other accomodation, there will be a fee of 500,- NOK per person per day.

Scandic, Ørnen
500m from AdO arena


The cost of accommodation and full board is as follows. (The price pr person pr day):
Single room:           1390,- NOK
Double room:          
 995,- NOK
Triple room*:             895,- NOK
Quadruple room*:    850,- NOK

*Limited availability


Grand Terminus

800m from AdO arena


The cost of accommodation and full board is as follows. (The price pr person pr day):
Single room:         1
290,- NOK
Double room:        
945,- NOK
Triple room*:          845- NOK

*Limited availability


To take advantage of these favourable prizes, booking and payment must be made to the Bergen Open secretary by filling out the Accommodation-form and return it before January the 31st.

Full board Wednesday dinner – Sunday lunch will be arranged for all competitors.
Breakfast will be served at the hotel.

Lunch will be served at AdO arena.
Dinner will be served at AdO arena.

Coaches evening
On Friday we have a special evening planned, for all the coaches, judges and leaders.

Banquet dinner:
On Saturday evening there will be a banquet dinner held at AdO arena. Here there will be some entertainment and a good chance for the competitors and the officials to get to know each other better.

Special food:
If there is need for special food due to allergy or for any other reason, please let us know, and specify it in the entry form.

AdO arena:

AdO arena has four 1 meter and four 3 meter springboards, and all platforms (1m, 3m, 5m 7,5m and 10m

The Diving Pool

The diving pool


AdO arena also has a dry-land area with mats three dryboards, foam pit and two trampolines. A gym-hall in the building will be available for all the competitors during every day of competition.

Bergen Diving Club:
Founded in 1976, Bergen's only diving club has about 350 active members, and is Norway's biggest diving club. Many of the divers of the Norwegian National Team are from Bergen Diving Club. The club has many National and Nordic Champions.
Read more about Bergen Diving Club at the official web page:
www.bergen-stupeklubb.no (mostly in Norwegian)

The City of Bergen
Founded in 1070 by King Olav Kyrre, Bergen is an international town with small-town charm and atmosphere. The inhabitants love to show off their beautiful city. They are proud of Bergen’s shipping, trading and cultural traditions. The city with its 235,000 inhabitants is like a spectacular amphitheatre clambering up the mountainsides, overlooking the sea, embracing you. You can roam through living history in this modern city, the gateway to the wildest and loveliest fjords of Norway. Tradition, initiative and drive have made Bergen one of Norway’s most vigorous cultural cities. It is not merely by chance that Norway’s biggest cultural event, the Bergen International Festival, is held here each year, or that the town was chosen to be one of the European Cities of Culture in the year 2000. The old parts of town are living history, and the museums and galleries keep both art and the ancestral heritage alive. The Hanseatic wharf Bryggen, the Fish Market, the composer Edvard Grieg’s home at Troldhaugen, Rasmus Meyer’s art collection, the Aquarium and Old Bergen are just a few of the many attractions worth visiting.