Bergen Open 2020 cancelled

United Kingdom

The Corona Virus situation in Norway has led the government to take drastic steps in the effort to limit the spread of the virus:

  • Kinder gardens, Schools, Universities and all sports facilities have been suspended. Also, all culture and sports arrangements and competitions have been cancelled.
  • The AdO Arena has also closed its doors for all activities.
  • Visitors to Norway will be suspect of strict regulation, and those who are allowed to enter from abroad will be put in isolation.

These interventions are told by the government to be in effect until the 31. march, and there will be a new discussion if the period will be extended.

We regard it as a real possibility that all or some of the regulation will be extended for a longer period.

It is our understanding that similar steps are taken in many other countries as well, and we suspect that more countries will follow the same line.

As we do not know how the situation will be in the following months, we regretfully have to inform you that the Bergen Open 2020 will have to be cancelled.

It is of course a sad situation for our club, our divers and all of our guests that we had looked forward to seeing you at the end of April. But we understand that the priority must be to control and keep the implications of the virus as low as possible.

We will not send you any invoices for your accommodation booking, as we have managed to have them cancelled with the hotels.

For those of you who have booked/paid for airline tickets, we hope that your travel agencies will assist you in the refund process. If you need any more documentation from us, please let us know.

Bergen Open late autumn

We are looking into the possibility of arranging the Bergen Open in November 2020, and will keep you all informed if that is doable.

Also we are in the process of an alternative competition format this spring:

Bergen Online Diving Competition (May 2020)

We are working on a new concept where all interested clubs are invited to participate in the first online diving competition. Since most teams are grounded right now and probably will be for some time, we want to explore the possibility of arranging a competition without travel.

The Bergen Online Diving Competition will be arranged in the teams own diving arena. So everyone has the home advantage and will compete on “familiar” boards.

All teams must have a broadband internet connection and a camera (new smartphones will suffice). They will receive a link from the Bergen Online organizing committee where to stream the diving. The competition will be arranged as a normal diving competition but with a tournament setup. The judges will be picked from all around the world and will judge what they see on the combined stream.

Everything will be edited together and all fans and interested public can see it on a the official Bergen Online channel.

We are working on solving all the technical issues and finding out all the requirements, but we hope that as many of you as possible want to attend this new concept of diving competition.

More information will come as soon as we are ready to publish the official invitation.